8 p.m. ET across the dial, or try C-SPAN.org if you’re sans TV. Serious question: Why did The One call this presser? Half of it will be esoterica about Geithner’s rescue plan, the other half will be perfunctory outrageous outrage about the AIG bonuses. We can do without more of either. If you’re watching and anxious for annotation entertainment (anno-tainment?), though, there’s an embarrassment of liveblogging riches to choose from. The boss will have something going, as will Ace — with special guest star Iowahawk filling in for Obama’s teleprompter. And in what I think is a first, Greg Gutfeld will be spending his night off sharing his thoughts with Daily Gut readers. Don’t mention Canada in the comments!

While we wait, enjoy the near-epic failure of Organizing for America’s first foray into post-election canvassing. Or laugh along as CNBC cravely caves to leftist criticism by hiring Howard Dean as a contributor and inviting nutroots eminence Arianna Huffington to guest host their morning show. Good work, Jon Stewart.

Update: The TOTUS is ready, baby.

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