I’m not unsympathetic to this position myself — or at least, I wasn’t before the timeline of when TurboTax Tim found out about those bonuses began to shudder and creak from all the movement.

Leave it to ol’ Mav to pick the very day we find out Geithner’s recovery plan will be another month late to hop aboard the bandwagon.

Tim Geithner, the embattled US Treasury secretary, should be given a chance to succeed, says John McCain, the former presidential candidate, who is the first prominent Republican to speak up in Mr Geithner’s defence amid growing calls for his resignation…

“Everyone acknowledges he needs help,” said Mr McCain, in reference to the Obama administration’s difficulty in recruiting nominees to the Treasury department, where Mr Geithner remains the only official to have been confirmed.

Here’s Gingrich on Cavuto this afternoon ticking off a few of Geithner’s other greatest hits and predicting that he’s finished. Exit question: Only a 15-20% chance that he’ll end up underneath Obama’s bus? Really?

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