Jokes Karl, “How soon ’till he turns up on Glenn Beck?” Pretty soon, I figure: His last video drew more than 2.5 million hits and this one’s bound to do big business as well, although it leaves me ice cold. So ambitious is his agenda, in fact, that I half-suspect it’s a parody of enraged populist demagoguery. Indifferent politicians, taxation without representation, jobs being outsourced, national suicide, “wake up, America!”, more money for troops’ salaries, universal service — all of it sprinkled with rhetoric about “the almighty wrath of we the people” and marching on Washington and a second American revolution and buying a gun if things don’t work out. As if there aren’t enough destabilizing threats to worry about, now there’s this guy and his contingent to fret over if Congress doesn’t snap to attention when they get those tea bags in the mail. Exit question: Is this Thomas Paine or Robespierre?

Update: Commenters tell me that Beck actually already played this on today’s radio show. Perfect.

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