The One 1, Santelli 0. I’ll give you the good news, such as it is, up front: Support for the stimulus is actually down since last month, dropping from 70/27 to 64/35, and the congressional GOP’s approval rating is “up” from 25/69 last summer to 38/56 today. But that’s the extent of it. In the same period, congressional Democrats have leaped from 35/57 to 50/44, the first time they’ve hit 50 percent since April 2007. Two other ominous data points for you to chew on, since they’re not getting much play. First:

What’s worrisome about that? Click here and skip down to question 7 and you’ll see it’s the widest gap between the president and the opposition on that question in 20 years. And second:

Mind-boggling though it may be to fiscal conservatives, and notwithstanding the fact that 87 percent say they’re concerned about the deficit, the public isn’t quite ready to toss tea in the harbor yet — except with respect to further loans to the Big Three, where support now stands at a radioactive 30/68. Exit question: What about all the Rasmussen polls showing growing discontent with Spendathon 2009? Well, discontent doesn’t necessarily mean disapproval; the public may be willing to accept this, however grudgingly, as hard medicine to prevent disaster. To the extent that Rasmussen’s suggesting anything else, check out the recent stimulus polls here and you’ll see that they’re swimming against the tide. Which isn’t anything new.