The final floor speeches are airing on CSPAN2 as we speak. Teddy’s in town and ready to rock; The One’s dusting off his old knocks on McCain for the occasion. Zero hour is 5:30 p.m. If the vote’s any more or less than 61-38, it’ll be a stimulus-sized shock.

While we wait, here’s a snippet from Obama’s town hall in Elkhart today. Three weeks after the apotheosis at the Capitol, this is what’s become of Hopenchange. Read MKH’s report from one of the cult’s house parties over the weekend, too. Exit quotation: “We’re supposed to be the ones convincing other people. We can’t do it if we can’t explain it.”

Update: 61-36 (I forgot that Judd Gregg chose to abstain). The first bite of the crap sandwich is taken. Tomorrow they’ll take another by formally passing it at noon, then it’s on to conference committee to chew it up good.

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