Nothing to worry about. Just another figment of your paranoid wingnut imagination, same as it was when Pelosi mentioned it and Durbin mentioned it and Bingaman mentioned it and Schumer mentioned it.

I’m trying to game out the politics but can’t get a good read. On the one hand, it’d thrust people like Limbaugh into the middle of a hot-button policy debate, making their already-big megaphone even bigger. Bad for Democrats. On the other hand, my theory during the recent Rush dust-up has been that Obama and the left want to raise his profile in order to drive the GOP away from the center and back towards the right. Good for Democrats! On the other other hand, would they really benefit by turning him into a free-speech martyr? Having people sympathize with him only hurts the left’s cause of making him look fringey. Bad for Democrats. On the other other other hand, there may be enough popular support for reinstating Fairness that the sympathy factor would be muted. Good for Democrats! Stop me before I “other” again by clicking on the image to listen.