Worth flagging for its sheer audacity.

If Obama wanted to bring Romney into the cabinet, he’d have to balance him by appointing a pro-choicer to a top HHS post because there are so many controversial, sexuality-related programs in that department that apportion money. The thinking here is that Romney would be the White House health care czar and that a Democrat — Gov. Kitzhaber of Oregon, maybe — would move over to Health and Human Services.

What does Romney get out of it? Assuming that Obama’s ship is merely listing now and that the economy has recovered perceptablly, 2012 is not going to be an attractive cycle year for a Republican to run for president. If managerial chops are what’s needed, then Romney’s resume cuts in… something that, again, the GOP didn’t seem to much appreciate in 2008. Like Hillary Clinton, Romney might be willing to trade his political ambition for the chance to do something awesome for the country.

The One’s going to hand the left’s most cherished domestic policy ambition to a guy loathed by progressives for his opportunistic social conservatism? And Mitt’s going to accept, knowing that the right will turn on him viciously for being coopted into the cause of socialized medicine? Is it at all relevant that Romney’s chief qualification for the position has turned into a boondoggle despised by conservatives for its spiraling costs? What am I missing here?