We already knew this, but knowing it is one thing and watching her effusively grovel about how much she’s learned in the past week from talking to “community leaders” about the human toll is another thing entirely. Besides, after talking her up last week, I deserve to be humiliated in a proper post. Rarely will you see a politician eat shinola this eagerly, particularly since the logic of her argument is that she was an ill-informed imbecile when she was casting votes on this very important subject during her time in the House. Was that also true of her pro-gun, anti-bailout positions? I’ve got a crazy hunch we’re going to find out that it was. Wherever you are, Caroline, I’m sorry.

Heather MacDonald laid into her yesterday at the Corner for deciding that one’s policies — including defense of the rule of law — are tenable to the extent one’s constituents support them. I’m curious how far that principle extends. According to the new Fox News poll, 50 percent of Americans want the stimulus to focus more on tax cuts versus just 29 percent who want more spending. By Gillibrand’s logic, shouldn’t The One be taking a hard right? Click the image to watch.

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