I regret to inform you that the circus has officially left town.

The governor said he would like to apologize, but couldn’t because he didn’t do anything wrong. The senators watched attentively. Many leaned forward in their seats. Some took notes.

“It’s painful and it’s lonely, but I want you to know I never, ever intended to commit a criminal act,” Blagojevich said.

The two-term Democratic governor spoke for 47 minutes, then smiled and winked at reporters as he passed the press box on his way out of the Senate.

As the sound of the calliope starts to fade, the thought of not having him to kick around anymore becomes simply unbearable. So let me toss something out here, Ron Burgundy style, and if you don’t like how it sounds, send it right back: Fox News analyst Rod Blagojevich. Think it over. Exit question: Good idea to set a precedent of impeaching people who haven’t been convicted of any crime? (Exit answer: No.)

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