Ed got here before I did but we give McCain enough grief for his maverickiness that we owe him a little extra attention when he stands on principle. Sort of: As Ed noted, the “principle” in this case isn’t an objection to a stimulus per se but merely to the current porky incarnation. Boehner and Lindsey Graham are also sour on it, but I think they’re bluffing to increase their leverage knowing that Reid and Pelosi want Republicans on the hook too when they lay their trillion-dollar bet. Even so, I think the GOP has more to lose by opposing it than the Democrats do by supporting it; if the economy’s showing even faint signs of recovery by 2010 — for whatever reason — the media will credit the Messiah’s plan with having saved the world and Republicans will reap the whirlwind in the midterms. To oppose the stimulus is essentially to wager that the recession will still be raging two years from now. Expect something like a 75-25 vote.