I’m reeling, but that’s probably because I can’t get over his growing resemblance to Chevy Chase.

Two sources close to Jeb Bush, including one who has spoken to the former Florida governor within the past few hours, say he is seriously considering a run for Senate now that incumbent Republican Mel Martinez has retired.

“He is receiving a lot of encouragement from both in and out of the state,” an longtime Bush adviser said tonight. “He is going to take his time and approach this very methodically.” Bush will weigh, according to this adviser, how a run would impact his family, his business, and whether the Senate would be the best platform for the causes he’d advocate — education, immigration, GOP solutions to health care and energy.

He sure didn’t sound like a Senator in the making earlier this year, noted Geraghty this morning. Maybe not, but that’s probably because he thought his political prognosis was terminal. Now, suddenly, he has an opportunity right in his backyard, just as the cancer on his last name’s about to go into remission and leave him with two years to redefine himself as more of a Bush 41 than a Bush 43. No wonder he’s leaping at the chance. Exit question: Does Crist appoint him to Martinez’s seat if Amnesty Mel quits early, or is Jeb better off lying low for awhile to let Dubya fade away before reintroducing the Bush brand?