Lots of people e-mailing about this to push it out there and give Bill Russell a boost. Happy to help. What you’re seeing here is the supreme arrogance of a guy who’s shoveled so much pork at his district over the past 30 years that he’s concluded he’s election-proof, and therefore perfectly comfortable dumping on his supporters in a taped, on-the-record interview less than three weeks before the polls open. And you know what? He’s probably right. He’ll probably win by 20 points. If crapping on the Haditha Marines and refusing to apologize isn’t a dealbreaker, why would this be?

Oh, and about those Marines: Today he stood by what he said about them two years ago being cold-blooded killers, convictions or no convictions. Click the first image for the racism comments and the second for his continuing nuance about Haditha.