Via Breitbart and HuffPo. Surprisingly, it doesn’t appear to be oppo research: Not only is the guy who (claims he) found it willing to show his face in the vid, but his YouTube account’s been active for two years.

He’s promising more to come, including the talent competition segment in which she plays the flute. Fun and humanizing for most of us, fun and humiliating for media types already given to comparing her to Miss Teen South Carolina.

Update: And almost at the minute I publish this post, it’s yanked from YouTube in a copyright claim. Um, how does Splash News have the copyright to this very old video? And more importantly, when are they planning to roll it out?

Update: I feel obliged to give you something to watch, so here’s College Humor’s middling takeoff on Matt Damon comparing Palin to a Disney movie.

Update: This guy has own copy of the pageant video. Happy viewing!