As always when a conservative says something soundbite-worthy, there’s the full, accurate quote and there’s the bowdlerized version generated for mass consumption by the left. See Marc Ambinder for an example of the latter and HuffPo, surprisingly, for an example of the former. Not the first time lately they’ve resisted the temptation to distort.

We’re supposed to wet our pants over this, I guess, based on the theory that if you’re not ready for one of the world’s biggest management jobs then logically you can’t be ready for the very biggest. Maybe that’s true. In that case, is Joe Biden ready to step in and reorganize Lehman Bros.? Let’s let him have a go at it, to see how “qualified” he is to be president. How about drafting The One to run Microsoft? His first act could be canceling those Seinfeld commercials. The irony is, if Romney had been the VP pick, all we’d be hearing now is how running a business is completely different from running a government so surely success in the private sector shouldn’t count when weighing one’s vote.

Even so, she’s having herself a big week, isn’t she? Click the image to listen.

Update: It’s vacation time for Carly.