Idiotic fun from Funny or Die, the same Will Ferrell outfit that produced the Paris Hilton “ad.” The phony response here to Woodruff’s question about whether Hunter was paid is perfectly accurate, if the Enquirer’s editor is to be believed. (And at this point, why wouldn’t he be?) Meanwhile, Hunter’s sister ducks a question from the New York Post about whether Edwards is the child’s father — “I’ve probably said more than I should” — but encourages him to “come forward and tell the whole truth.” And WaPo revisits a quirk in the timeline that was raised last Friday by Media Blog as the scandal was breaking. If, as Edwards claims, he told his family about the affair in 2006, why are there photos of Hunter still with him on the trail in late December?

Nothing profane here but the humor’s risque, so fair warning.

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Update: “She would not have a child with someone that she didn’t love, and she loves him.”

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