They spared her the indignity of a direct appeal, thank god, although the sidebar text makes plain what sort of “help” she’s requesting. Moneybags is going to get his donors to lend a hand so at least part of that $22.5 mil will be paid down. But what if they only cover, say, half and there’s still $12 million outstanding? That means almost one extra speech a week for Billy Jeff next year!

Ah, I’m just bitter. I’m not going to sugarcoat it: I miss her. The prospect of four more dreary months of Hopenchange vs. Straight Talk, with no Clintonian psychodrama to liven things up, is simply intolerable. As one lefty friend said to me yesterday, “Life is so freaking boring without her.” Exit question: What’s a pundit to do to get his Hillary fix? Click the image to watch.

Update: Actually, here’s a better exit question. Do I dare … throw her a few bucks? Sympathy money!


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