Along with the two mentioned at the end of my earlier post, this makes three separate lies springing from his decision to opt out of public financing. “John McCain’s campaign and the Republican National Committee are fueled by contributions from Washington lobbyists and special interest PACs,” he said yesterday during the announcement, so you see, he has to do everything he can to offset their huge plutocratic advantage. Enter FactCheck, pointing out that the special interest “fuel” in question composes just 1.7% of total contributions in McCain’s case and 1.1% in the case of the RNC. Patrick Ruffini actually beat them to the punch on this point and supplied a little extra data that FactCheck doesn’t mention — how much cash St. Barack has himself taken in from special interests. Via Ruffini, the top employers of Obama contributors:


Obama likes to pretend that Fortune 500 company employees are all entirely independent individual donors, each contributing for no purpose greater or lesser than their belief in Hopenchange. FactCheck nailed him on that too back in March when it pointed out how, for a guy who likes to brag that he doesn’t take money from oil companies, he sure does seem to get a lot from oil company employees. Ah well — consider it fodder for David Brooks’s next column about what a dashing, cunning, rock star of a Machiavellian liar he is. In the meantime, follow the link to Ruffini’s post for his suggestion on what the Messiah could do if he was serious about limiting the influence of big money on his campaign. It’s purely rhetorical, of course.

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