Six-plus minutes for your enjoyment/disgust, the first half of which are devoted to praising His Holy Name. Mark Hemingway was there and was struck by the booing, but you don’t have to take his word for it; it’s clearly audible here, sufficiently so that even more leftish commentators felt moved to acknowledge it. Still not convinced? Just follow LGF’s link to Hillary’s website and scroll through some of the comments. He’s not overselling it when he calls them “amazing.” And after Obama went and posted such a flattering web graphic, too.

The second half is the hear-me-roar material, without which this extended identity politics orgy of a campaign wouldn’t have been complete. I think she means it, though: Watch her facial expressions and the emphatic little nods, which seemed to me authentic and almost unconscious. Hillary 2012: Woman Warrior? We shall meet again, oh yes.

I leave you with this image as the exclamation point on her campaign. May it live in your heart as it will, forever, in mine.

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