Saw this live and it bugged the hell out of me, even though (a) it’s at least partly tongue in cheek and (b) candidates often refer to victory in inevitable, matter-of-fact terms (Hillary’s favorite formulation was “when I’m president”). It grates more than usual in Obama’s case, I think, for the same reason his cynical race speech was so infuriating and disappointing. He offers himself as the post-partisan healer, as somehow above this sort of petty jackassery, yet here he is hyperpresumptuously gloating about not just one term but two. I feel about him the way I do about the media sneering at bloggers: If you’re going to be a condescending douche, that’s fine, just be sure the condescension is justified.

Of course, if David Brody’s right about him possibly pulling 40% of evangelicals, it might very well be.

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