It’ll only take six days to do it, he hints, letting the Arab faithful watching at home fill in the blanks. See-Dub’s already added some helpful context by posting archived video of him shilling for Hezbollah via a satellite hook-up from Westminster, but that’s minor treachery compared to this classic of him congratulating them in Beirut for taking on Israel. Watch a minute or so of this one, too, in which he encourages the audience towards jihad on Al Jazeera, to see that his very deliberate, halting speaking style here isn’t unusual for him. Whenever he shows up on an Arab channel he keeps things nice and slow for the translator, to make sure the loyal viewers will absorb every carefully chosen word.

Charles Johnson has your exit question: “Now wherever did Galloway get the idea that Obama is his kind of guy?” It’s curious, isn’t it? Another verminous terrorist apologist, laboring under the assumption that Obama will be better for his cause than McCain. Maybe he just hasn’t heard the AIPAC speech yet that finally “convinced” Hamas there’s no difference between the two. Click the image to watch.