Via Cuffy Meigs. Can’t really pin this one on the Democrats: The only pol who seems to have objected strongly enough to let himself be quoted is Joe Garcia, who’s challenging incumbent Mario Diaz-Balart and naturally needs all the ink he can get. I can’t find any mention of it on the Florida Democrats’ website either, doubtless because the benefits of ginning up a little perfunctory fake outrage would be outweighed by the cost of calling attention to the fact that His Holiness does, in fact, have himself a Castro problem. Never mind that, though. Granting that it’s always a bad idea for political parties to be doctoring photos, jokey intent or no, Cuffy’s right to read this is an early alert as to how far the media’s planning to go to turn criticism of Obama into “racism.” The logic, near as I can figure, is that it’s now racist for the GOP to appeal to a key Hispanic constituency that they’ve been wooing in precisely these terms for decades because it might turn them against Obama and that’ll be bad for relations between blacks and Hispanics. It’s part of the basic idea, inchoate now but to become much clearer as we get closer to November, that to even contest this election is a form of racism. Let the healing begin. Click the image to watch.