The amazing pics are among the most viewed on Yahoo News, with good reason: This is as close to that “Invaders” episode of the Twilight Zone as we’re ever going to get. Here’s the money shot, in which Red One and Red Two defend the black widow in the back there from the imperialist colonial tyranny of the Brazilian chopper:


A government official took an arrow in the face from one of them when he got too close a few years ago. The stakes:

“First contact is often completely catastrophic for “uncontacted” tribes. It’s not unusual for 50 percent of the tribe to die in months after first contact,” said Miriam Ross, a campaigner with the Indian rights group Survival International. “They don’t generally have immunity to diseases common to outside society. Colds and flu that aren’t usually fatal to us can completely wipe them out.”

Loggers and developers are inching ever closer. Exit question: What’s the answer? Some sort of nature preserve where you wall off a certain number of square miles on each side? Or is Brazil really going to move in and let the microbes take care of business here?