Sorry for the delay on this. There are already 100+ comments iin Headlines but it wouldn’t seem right not to post on it, so here it is. Genuinely shocking, not only because of the diagnosis but the prognosis. Read the Globe’s harrowing piece if you haven’t stumbled upon it elsewhere yet. It sounds like he has two to three years if he’s lucky, although it could be much less than that. The word “terminal” is used; one neurologist quoted says he’ll likely have to retire in the “near future.”

Here’s awful video from CNN of Byrd reacting to the news. He wasn’t the only one crying today. Click the image to watch.


Update (Ed): We talked about this on the show today, and it’s worth repeating here.  Americans of all political beliefs come to the open forum and debate great issues with great passion.  Everyone believes that they act for the benefit of America, even if others think their ideas dangerous and ill-conceived.  We would rather have our ideas prevail because we convinced others of the rightness of our cause than to see opponents retreat because of illness and death.

Our opponents are still Americans and still human beings, and we hold Kennedy and his family in our prayers tonight.