A stirring stand on principle by a man who’s never blanched at being the lone “no” vote when meaningless feelgood resolutions come to the floor — unless, of course, they involve congratulating football teams.

Here’s a quick look at some members of the elite group that has somehow managed to pry an “aye” from Dr. No in House votes on other do-nothing resolutions considered this year…

• The University of Kansas football team for “winning the 2008 FedEx Orange Bowl and having the most successful year in program history”

• The New York Giants for “winning Super Bowl XLII and completing one of the most remarkable post-season runs in professional sports history”

• The Louisiana State University football team for winning the 2007 Bowl Championship Series national championship game

It’s all in keeping with our constitutional scheme per the “Rock Chalk, Jayhawk” Clause in Article I. In his defense, though, a guy paranoid enough to float the idea of a new Gulf of Tonkin in the well of the House may have special reasons for opposing this latest resolution. Is the neocon annexation of Burma imminent? Assume nothing, my friends.

Incidentally, today’s the one-year anniversary of America’s Greatest Patriot telling Giuliani at the debate that “They attack us because we’ve been over there. We’ve been bombing Iraq for 10 years.” The new tape from Osama, whom we’re told we should always listen carefully to, would suggest otherwise, although I have a hunch that Dr. Paul won’t have much difficulty assimilating this particular grievance into his unified theory of Why They Really Hate Us.