Two clips for this one, the first the set-up and the second the proof of what happens when a man is pushed to his limit. Anyone believe Matthews’s defense here? The media does have a conflict of interest at the moment vis-a-vis Hillary’s tenacity between what’s good for their party and what’s good for their profession, but it beggars belief to think they’ve chosen the latter over the former, particularly on MSNBC. Sure, they’d love a knock-down, drag-out fight at the convention, just not enough to detonate the dearly held prospect of a Democratic president. Consider it a microcosmic refutation of Obama’s own “what’s the matter with Kansas?” assumptions about political priorities: It’s not always economics that come first.

Exit question: If he’s so hot for a Hillary resurgence and summer slugfest to Denver, why’d he spend time preemptively dismissing her victory yesterday as the residue of segregation?