Pure rumor but too much fun not to pass along. How would this work, though? She’s not going to blackmail 600-700 people, let alone powerful party insiders, and if she gets wiped out on March 4 in Texas and Ohio that’s about how many of them are going to break Obama’s way. Unless she’s counting on a down-to-the-wire race where a handful can be flipped, this is crap. Rose-scented crap, but crap.

Meanwhile, the endorsement game continues apace. Madam Speaker’s leaning Obama but the coveted Silky Pony imprimatur may go to our gal after all. Savor the flavor of a one-term senator who’s reversed himself on every major issue and who’s known in popular culture mainly for the exorbitance of his haircuts questioning Obama’s experience and toughness.

Update: A little extra nuance for Silky, the anti-lobbyist crusader.