On this day of saturation McCain-bashing, let us pause to remind ourselves that it could have been worse. Any truth to what Huck’s claiming here or is Ace right that he got caught flat-footed looking stupid and then foolishly played along, a la the “I meant to do that” scene in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure? Well, Zarqawi once stood accused of planning a chemical weapons attack in Amman; Georges Sada, the former Iraqi general who wrote a book about Saddam’s WMDs being smuggled out to Syria, later said he thought the weapons for the attack would have come from that stockpile. Does that scenario have anything to do with what Huck’s talking about here? Not really, but then this is the guy who thought the new NIE was four years old. Imagine him in a series of debates with, say, Obama. Oof.

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