8 p.m. ET on Fox News. The Paulnut has been put out to pasture for this one, depriving America of yet another opportunity for the other candidates to score hawkish points at his expense. Romney vs. McCain should be the main event; Mitt will be tempted to toss a few hastily written one-liners his way just to prove that he can scrap when he has to, but he should reconsider. McCain’s stand-up performance last night seems to have bombed and may bode ill for Tuesday given his surprisingly dwindling lead.

Last night’s debate thread is the biggest we’ve ever had on HA (even bigger than the defeat of the amnesty bill last summer, if you can believe it) so continue to sound off below — but try not to break the site. While you wait, enjoy this helpful NYT scorecard comparing the world’s richest nanny to the various candidates on both sides. Verdict: “If you want to place him in the spectrum of American politics, he’s a liberal Democrat on all the major litmus test issues, and he’s a liberal Democrat on taxing and spending. I don’t see the product differentiation, except for the $4 billion bank account and the aura of the philosopher-king.”

Watch this, too. The Green Mountain Politics concludes, on the basis of what evidence I surely don’t know, that the malfeasors are Romney staffers. Given the fact that there are two cameramen taping them while they perform, isn’t the much sounder assumption that it’s a false flag operation? Click the image to watch.