Star tipster RLW gave me a heads up on this earlier but I thought it was kind of silly; I see now that it caught Captain Ed’s attention too, so I’ll run it up the flagpole and see how it flies. Follow the link to see the objection. She does, of course, have a track record of misremembering her age to suit the political occasion, as Ed notes, but (a) I couldn’t have told you when the Apollo program started so I can’t fault Hillary’s memory for being hazy, (b) she’s probably using “fifth grade” simply as a generic reference for “when I was young,” (c) even if she isn’t, she’s not necessarily suggesting that the program coincided with her being in fifth grade, merely that that’s when her interest in science began, and (d) eh. We’ve got bigger fish to fry. A sharp catch by both gents, though, and a reminder that it’s always wise to check the Glacier’s facts.