I suspect the media’s trying to trump this up into some sort of supposedly quasi-mainstream belief but you would know better than me so we’ll figure it out in the comments. “A growing number of evangelical Christians around the world are convinced that Interstate 35 is a holy highway,” says WCCO, citing the end of a 35-day prayer vigil of churches along the highway as a news peg. NBC has something about it too, claiming that parishioners believe it’s the road referred to in Isaiah 35:8. Has anyone heard of this or is it a case of the press trying to tar Christians with the arcane beliefs of a fringe few? I’m guessing the latter, although if it’s the former than Mitt has a pretty good comeback the next time someone challenges him about the Garden of Eden being in Missouri.

The fact that Pat Robertson’s taking it seriously makes me wonder if it is, in fact, mainstream. Will someone ask Rudy about it?

Update (Bryan): As Hot Air’s resident evangelical, I probably ought to chime in here. I hadn’t heard of the “holy highway” until earlier in the week when a friend of mine sent me some links about it along with sarcastic references to the “highway of Jabez.” I was probably going to write about it at some point but Allah beat me to it. Of all the stupid things I’ve ever heard of in my days on this earth, the holy highway is surely among the stupidest. My fellow evangelicals are really jumping the proverbial (though non-holy) shark on this.

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