Friday night and the pickings are slim. Why not open a thread? They’ve been promoting it on Fox for days, and let’s face it, the show has been trending in this direction. The body language expert, the great American trivia quiz, Geraldo…

Should be on within the half-hour. Video is, of course, a must; it’ll be here later. In the meantime, Gibby offers you a dramatic reading of the left’s reaction to this afternoon’s hostage crisis: “Neocon scum!”

Update: Implausibly, it was even weirder than expected. The constant cross-cutting between the interview and old footage from the show makes it look like a promo, but near as I can tell there’s nothing Alf-related that’s about to hit the market that would need promoting. I’m thinking that O’Reilly … just digs Alf. And while I was kidding in the comments about him possibly getting a regular pundit gig out of this, O’R seems to hint at it near the end. Will we soon be hearing those magical words from KP on Monday nights, “I agree with Alf, but…”?

I’m also mildly disappointed that Bill didn’t get all moody and passive-aggressive like he did with MK the other night. “You like eating cats? You think that’s a nice thing to do? Huh? Do ya?”