If you liked the post about Nick Griffin and the BNP, you’ll love this. LGF’s been taking heat for the past 10 days for daring to point out a few inconvenient facts about the enemy of our jihadist enemy in Europe. It began with this post on the Swedish Democrat party; tonight comes the follow-up. Take three minutes to read through the new one as it’s a useful primer on how crypto-Nazi parties “mend their ways” as they attract more support and try to make the move towards mainstream politics. The metamorphosis in the party logo says it all: from a flaming torch (modeled on the British National Front logo, no less) to a dainty little flower. One or two of our readers actually defended the BNP on similar grounds in our earlier thread, claiming that their worst transgressions lay in the distant past and that they’d turned over a new leaf. I’ve got a funny hunch that “nonviolent” Islamist political parties like the Ikhwan and Hizb ut-Tahrir wouldn’t get the same benefit of the doubt.

Takeaway: “They never cleaned up their act, they simply polished it.”

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