Not the sanest man in the world, but possibly one of the bravest. An English translation of his latest blog post, courtesy of reader “Winston Churchill” and cleaned up a bit by yours truly:

The logic and composition is crystal clear. The foundation for the whole roundaboutdog project was the exhibition in Tallerud which had the name The Dog in the Art. [Background here. — ed.] Well, now is the time to introduce a new member of staff.

The artist Vilks has gotten himself a specially trained guard dog, the dog Muhammed, watching each and every movement 24 hours a day.

When you first get to know Muhammad she sure is likeable, yes, it is a she, but the genus perspective is just a mark. For those who do not know Muhammed, getting close should only be done after taking a lot of precaution.

She seems like every other dog with a bone on its favorite carpet. But nothing is as it appears.

Follow the link. She doesn’t look too fierce, but then neither does he. Exit question: What’s liable to antagonize his persecutors more, the fact that he’s named the dog Muhammed or the fact that he’s named a female dog Muhammed?