I thought it was money. Go figure. Offered as a PSA, although I’m not sure how useful it is. Unless you’ve got a friend who’s just had a baby, your options are pretty much limited to hanging out at the gym and wiping down the machines after a new mom has used them. And if you’re willing to do something as creepy as that, you’re beyond the power of any aphrodisiac to help you anyway.

Needless to say, if it does turn out to be true, I predict a dramatic increase in social invitations for new mothers.

Smells associated with breastfeeding are a natural aphrodisiac, heightening sexual desire in other women, a study has found…

Half [of the female subjects] were asked to wipe pads soaked in the sweat [of nursing mothers] across their upper lip every morning and evening for three months.

They were also asked to reapply the pads after showering, exercising and wiping their mouths after eating. The remaining half were given similar pads, soaked in a dummy liquid.

Neither group knew what was on the pads.

By the end of the study, those given the sweat-soaked pads found their desire for their partner had risen by around 42 per cent, while those who were single had more sexual daydreams than usual…

If the key compounds in the sweat, breast milk and baby’s saliva could be identified and bottled, they could be turned into a powerful aphrodisiac for women, the study added.

The theory is that the pheromones send a biological signal to women in the vicinity that the environment is suitable for having children. That activates the mating instinct and things proceed from there. The all-important, unasked, yet looming exit question: How is this going to work on the robots?