This could actually become a selling point for HillaryCare. More public knowledge about health and wellness is all to the good, no? Well, think how much you’ll gain by pulling your own teeth or pitching in when your baby is crowning.

I’m all for it — provided we either get to write our own prescriptions or a whole lot of stuff goes over the counter. Anything to dance with sweet lady Vicodin again. Anything

A father had to deliver his own baby after his wife was twice turned away from an NHS hospital – because it was too full…

The couple dashed to their local maternity hospital at 7am when Elizabeth, 24, started having strong contractions.

But they were amazed to be told: “Sorry, we are full. Come back later.” The pair went home after being reassured the baby would not arrive “for hours”.

When Elizabeth’s contractions became more frequent they returned to the maternity unit at 10am – but were sent home again from the Princess of Wales hospital in Bridgend, near Cardiff…

Paramedics arrived as the baby’s head was coming out – but [the husband] was doing such a good job they supervised him until baby Emily was born at 11am.