I didn’t cut this myself and it seems like an odd gag for the show, but there’s the logo at the end of the clip so there’s no reason to doubt the provenance. I’d like to believe they’re laughing at the style of the ad rather than the substance. I’d like to, but I don’t.

Note: no actual jokes here. They simply added derisive instant laugh track and stirred.

Update: Commenters are doubting whether this is really an SNL product. I’m suspicious, too. It’s amateurish (or rather, more amateurish than SNL is), like something one of the Paulnuts would have stitched together. But why add the SNL logo, then? Anyone see the show this weekend and can confirm or debunk?

Update: Reader Brett S. e-mails to say that he Tivo’d the show this weekend and can confirm that this is well and truly fake.