Quite possibly, says Rusty Shackleford, and if anyone would know, he would. He’s been writing for months about his Internet jousts with a degenerate who calls himself “Inshallahshaheed” but I hadn’t paid it much attention until this morning, when Inshallahshaheed went front page at the New York Times. That plus the fact that Russ is famous for his counter-cyberjihadi activities should be all the background you need to follow the link and read his post. Do it now because this story could get very big in one of two ways: either the Times did blow an investigation, in which case it’ll make that story from last week about the SITE leak pale by comparison, or Inshallahshaheed’s a strong candidate to turn up in the mix of a terror plot someday. Either way, build your knowledge base early.

Here’s a video interview they did with him. The Times insists “there is nothing to suggest that Mr. Khan is operating in concert with militant leaders, or breaking any laws,” but if Rusty’s right then this turd is, or should be, looking at a treason charge. Click the image to watch.


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