Easy access to New York City plus the second-highest Muslim population by percentage of any state for easier blending-in: as jihadi magnets go, it’s a no-brainer.

It’s not just Al Qaeda, either.

This is the first time since the 9/11 attacks that FBI counterterror officials have revealed an al-Qaida presence in North Jersey…

“There are people in your county who are affiliated with known al-Qaida members overseas,” said Jack Jupin, the FBI agent who heads the counterterror squad for Bergen County…

Sometimes, [FBI agent Kevin Cruise] said, counterterror agents “disrupt” these North Jersey residents with al-Qaida ties.

Cruise declined to describe any case in detail. But in general, such disruption methods ranged from outright deportations to quiet visits by FBI agents in which suspected terrorists are told their activities are being monitored

Task force investigators have discovered that every major terrorist group in the world, including Hamas and Hezbollah, has at least one North Jersey contact. The lone exception is Afghanistan’s ultra-fundamentalist sect, the Taliban.

Follow the link to see where New Jersey phone numbers are turning up. Exit question: What possible purpose does it serve to tell jihadis that they’re being monitored? They’re not going to give up the cause because they’ve been found out. They’ll simply look for alternate means of communication. Either arrest them or keep spying on them; telling them you’re watching seems totally counterproductive.