And not just her, either. I don’t know if this is a reaction to the Mohammed cartoons fiasco or what, but the fact that they’re willing to spit at the dragon this way when they’re already on the hit list is hugely commendable.

Brian Mikkelsen, the Danish culture minister, has indicated the government would be willing to allow outspoken Dutch-Somali author Ayaan Hirsi Ali to live in Denmark under its protection from fanatical Muslims seeking to kill her.

Over the weekend Mikkelsen sent out a request to the country’s municipalities to invite the threatened author and filmmaker to live here. The move is supported by a recent parliament proposal to establish several ‘free cities’ for persecuted writers, a programme to be created with the support of the International City of Refuge Network…

Mikkelsen said the government would be willing to pay all the expenses relating to Ali’s residence in Denmark.

‘It’s obvious the protection of Hirsi Ali would be a substantial expense,’ he said. ‘But we have to view that from a positive standpoint.’

Quite so. But since the big A’s all about the fair-and-balanced, here’s commentary from a Muslim at Newsweek explaining, contra Hitchens, Rushdie, Sam Harris, and a parade of others, why Hirsi Ali has in fact completely betrayed Enlightenment values in her criticism of Islam. (Note: he supports state-funded protection of her, however.) Takeaway: “[S]he’s got her story, and she’s taking it to the bank.”

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