An effective tribute. This makes two evangelical leaders who have rallied to Fred’s side after Dobson’s rejection; the other was Richard Land. The pointed takeaway:

I hope pro-family, pro-life Christians will continue to keep an open mind about Senator Thompson’s candidacy, even as we work with him to strengthen his stand on some key issues. A Thompson vs. Hillary race would be an easy call for me to make.

By implication, a Giuliani vs. Hillary race would be a tough call for him to make — although this certainly leaves hope that he’d call it the right way. I’m wondering now, has there been even one other evangelical leader to declare Fred beyond the pale the way Dobson has? Suddenly he’s looking a tad isolated in his rejectionism in light of Bauer’s comments, and with numerous other evangelical leaders ready and able to replace him as a prominent voice of the religious right, it may not be as easy for him to issues ultimatums as he think. Exit question: Has Dobson overplayed his hand?