Coincidentally, the Nobel Peace Prize is being awarded tomorrow in Oslo.

This is happening, people. Scientific errors be damned.

Sen. Barbara Boxer’s office just contacted us to say former Vice President Al Gore has been called “overseas” for a trip related to his work on global warming and has canceled his scheduled appearance Thursday in San Francisco at a fundraiser for Boxer’s re-election effort. So the Boxer fundraiser — which was to include Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne — is off until Nov. 9.

Here’s a note Boxer sent supporters about the change:

I just got a call from Vice President Al Gore. He told me that he needs to travel abroad tomorrow for an exciting and urgent mission that could result in a major breakthrough in the fight against global warming…

As I write this, the Goracle is a very, very, very distant but surprising second to Hillary on InTrade, which says more about Obama than about Gore himself, I imagine. Exit question: Is America going to get a second chance?

Update: “He’s killing the planet through hypocrisy and blame. If you disagree with him, you’re a heretic and if you agree with him, you’re doomed.”

Update: Chris Cillizza at WaPo says it’s not what you think.

Gore spokeswoman Kalee Kreider threw cold water on the rampant speculation, however, in an email exchange with The Fix earlier today.

“The events in California were postponed because of a request to participate in senior level meetings on the climate crisis in Asia,” Kreider said. “However, early Thursday morning these meetings were postponed.” As a result, Gore will resume his planned trip in California today and tomorrow will be a “normal long business day” according to Kreider. On Saturday, Gore is set to return to his home in Nashville.

Come to think of it, why would Gore need to be in Oslo for the announcement of the award? The award ceremony itself isn’t for months yet.