Big day for el presidente yesterday, first hinting to the AP that white supremacism lies at the root of opposition to mass amnesty for illegals, then hitting the chat show circuit to share his grand “long, long term” vision for North America with Jon Stewart and Larry King. The relevant part of the Daily Show clip comes at 4:40 and runs to 6:00, but watch ’til the end for his comments about Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales. Up until that point Fox had been saying all the “right” things: threatening to punish America for its immigration policies by boycotting U.S. goods, dismissing opposition to illegal immigration as based on “fear” and xenophobia, which naturally warrants a perfunctory round of applause from the bien piensants in the audience (at around 3:40), etc etc. Stewart thinks he’s among friends — until Fox smacks Chavez and Morales and reveals the free-trading capitalist ogre within, catching Stewart off guard and leaving him to stammer condescendingly about how both he and Morales, who was a guest recently on the show, both “make sense.” What a patronizing tool.

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