It’s hard not to think of Rich Lowry’s indictment of Dobbs while watching this, but the targets he’s shooting at so richly deserve the fire that I’m willing to give him a pass and indulge in that mindless “yeah, right on” Lowry mentions. When does patriotism become egotism? When every tiny expression of it, from one’s choice of pronouns to one’s choice of brooch, becomes an occasion for displaying the Greater Patriotism that sets one apart from the flag-wearing rabble. The average pandering pol slaps the pin on his or her lapel and assumes you won’t even notice; it takes a special panderer to eschew the pin entirely just so that someone will ask why and he’ll get to show what a deep-thinkin’ country-lovin’ mensch he really is. Exit question: Why doesn’t Obama just tack a giant flag pin on his lapel and distinguish himself that way? That’s what it’s all about, after all.

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