He’s running in the special election next Tuesday for the open seat in Massachusetts’s Fifth District that was vacated when Marty Meehan resigned. His opponent is Paul Tsongas’s widow, who has a huge advantage in name recognition — although maybe not for long once this starts airing. The ad itself is weak on substance but that’s less important with a week to go than simply raising public awareness that this guy’s in the race. Which this does. In spades.

I’ve heard some grumbling today about Hillary using 9/11 workers in her new health-care ad and how that conflicts with previous rhetoric about exploiting that day for political gain. That only applies in a general sense, though; if you’ve got a personal connection to the attack and it bears on your character and leadership ability, it’s perfectly fair to mention it. Lord knows, Rudy wouldn’t have a campaign without it. Same goes for this guy.

Incidentally, he’s pro-choice and thinks the war was a mistake. Still more conservative than Mrs. Tsongas, though, I’m sure. Exit question curiosity: John Ogonowski was the pilot on American Airlines Flight 11, the first plane to crash into the Towers. The photo here shows United Flight 175. Er, why?