Feelgood moment of the day

A scene from the Little League World Series to cleanse the palate on a day when the palate needs more cleansing than usual.

As human and heartwarming as this scene is, it feels un-American in 2022. The pitcher should be trash-talking his opponent as he writes on the ground, gloating at him that he’s been owned. And the batter should be rushing the mound to take revenge, to prove to the crowd that he fights.

Instead we get … heartfelt remorse followed by gracious forgiveness?

What the hell are they teaching kids in Texas and Oklahoma?

I’d be feeling good about the future of this country right now if I believed it would still exist by the time this generation was ready to take over.

Update: Is Portnoy being funny or is he on the level here? You make the call.

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David Strom 4:01 PM on October 05, 2022