Dem rep: I'm disgusted that my party is promoting MAGA candidates in GOP primaries over honorable Republicans

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He’s right to feel disgusted, as I explained at length yesterday. Spending money on election truthers because you think they’ll be easier to beat in a general election is party-over-country nihilism. Spending money to defeat one of the 10 Republicans who had the backbone to vote to impeach Trump is “you deserve to lose every race on the ballot this year” territory.


Centrist Democrat Dean Phillips is mortified that his party is wasting the donations of liberals to try to replace the GOP’s small minority of principled conservatives with Trump slobberers. I wonder how many rank-and-file Democrats ended up contributing part of their paychecks this year to getting MAGA candidates elected in Republican primaries.

He’s not alone. David Axelrod is “disappointed.”

Matt Yglesias finds it “insane.”


The far-left AOC-aligned activist group Justice Democrats resents the expenditure.

Adam Kinzinger, still technically a Republican but more of a conservative independent since joining the January 6 committee, is fuming mad:

Just about the only non-MAGA political actor in America who thinks this is a good idea is, uh, the head of the DCCC, who’s in charge of trying to get Democratic House members elected this fall.

They deserve to lose every race on the ballot. And when some of these MAGA candidates boosted by Dems inevitably end up winning the general election too, Democrats should never be allowed to forget their role in paving their way to Congress. If John Gibbs defeats Peter Meijer and ends up in the House next year thanks to this fall’s red wave, he may end up being the biggest “rigged election” crank in the chamber. And if he is, no member of the other party should ever be free to complain about him without being challenged about having helped make his political career possible.


Mr. Gibbs, who was an aide to former Housing Secretary Ben Carson, could not win confirmation in 2020 to direct Mr. Trump’s Office of Personnel Management over comments he made accusing Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, of taking part in a “Satanic ritual,” and calling Democrats the party of “‘Islam, gender-bending, anti-police, ‘u racist!’”

More recently, Mr. Gibbs and Mr. Meijer clashed over the legitimacy of Mr. Biden’s 2020 victory, which Mr. Gibbs baselessly called “simply mathematically impossible.”…

After Mr. Meijer’s impeachment vote, Representative Steny Hoyer of Maryland, the House majority leader, praised Mr. Meijer for what he called “a very impressive display of courage and integrity.”

“Guess that doesn’t count for much when a marginally increased chance of flipping a House seat is on the table,” Mr. Meijer quipped in a text message on Monday.

The ad Democrats are running on Gibbs’s behalf doesn’t mention the “Satanic ritual” insanity, of course, merely that Gibbs loves Trump, worked for Ben Carson, opposes unchecked immigration, and supports “patriotic education.” A normal dude, just like you or me. Meijer’s campaign has been left to argue that “Democrats don’t want to face Peter Meijer in the November election because Peter is the best candidate to represent West Michigan in Congress, and he’s the only candidate who will put the interests of the 3rd District ahead of partisan priorities.” Which is clever strategy as far as it goes — it’s true that Dems fear Meijer more than Gibbs, and knowing that might make Meijer more appealing to Republican voters on “which of these two will own the libs the hardest?” grounds.


But the fact remains that Democratic ad spending on Gibbs’s behalf is cutting into Meijer’s financial advantage. His best chance of winning the primary is to have the airwaves to himself in the final weeks of the race. Maloney’s DCCC has now complicated that.

If there’s any justice, his own district will send his ass packing as part of the coming red wave. Fingers crossed:

I’ll leave you with Kinzinger reacting in real time to how his committee’s revelations over the past month are playing with Trump voters. Retirement can’t come soon enough.

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