Did a bird take a dump on Biden during his speech?

A bald eagle must have seen this morning’s inflation report.

After watching this I’m tempted to say that Biden can’t catch a break, but he did catch a break. The poop was inches away from landing on his head but ended up on his lapel instead.


Make no mistake, “Bird sh*ts on president” is a better headline than “Bird sh*ts on president’s face.”

That’s not a case of the RNC playing games with video manipulation. A guy watching at home recorded the same thing on his TV.

Inflation, war in Ukraine, now this. When it rains, it pours — so to speak.

Major breakdown in security by the Secret Service to let a bird with a full payload get that close to the commander-in-chief, too.

On a serious note, there was actual news in today’s address besides the chief executive being turned into an avian toilet:


I remain reluctant to call what Russia is doing a “genocide,” as horrendous as it is, although I sympathize with the impulse to find a word that properly conveys the tremendous moral revulsion one feels at their crimes. They murder innocent people, then treat their bodies like trash; they rape women, then proceed to widow them; they break into people’s homes, then loot everything they think might fetch a price on the black market. They’re degenerates. But degeneracy rarely rises to the level of genocide.


Although there are whiffs of genocide to some Russian practices:

The Ukrainian Ombudswoman for Human Rights has said that the Russian government is crafting legislation to allow Russians to adopt Ukrainian children forcibly taken to Russia by military forces.

She has also stated that, so far, over 121,000 children have been “deported” by the Russian government…

She added that Ukrainian officials have no information on the children that are allegedly being processed for adoption by Russians.

“Now the Russians, firing rockets and tanks at the homes of Ukrainian citizens, kill parents and kidnap our children in the occupied territories of East and South Ukraine,” she said.

They’re not just looting clothes and appliances, they’re looting children. If you can’t extinguish Ukraine’s national identity by conquering the country, I suppose extinguishing its youngest generation’s awareness of that identity is the next best thing. Which does seem somewhat genocidal.

Not a happy note on which to end a post about Biden getting crapped on by a pigeon, admittedly, but any opportunity to raise awareness about what Russia has stooped to in Ukraine is a good one.


Speaking of which, your exit question: Was this really a case of a bird using Biden for target practice or something less foul? (And less fowl?) Bloomberg’s reporter says the biological material in question is of the vegetable, not animal, variety. Maybe that’s the truth, maybe it’s just face-saving White House spin. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time lately that the comms team had to, uh, clean up after him following a speech.

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John Stossel 1:00 PM | June 15, 2024