Sunday morning talking heads

Sunday morning talking heads
Ukrainian Presidential Press Office via AP

An array of A-list political celebrities joins the Sunday shows this morning to discuss the war in Ukraine and domestic matters various and sundry. The lead guest: Volodymyr Zelensky, who’ll speak with “Face the Nation” from Kiev about his country’s progress in repelling the Russian invasion. Is it true that Russia is in full retreat in the north, as reports on Friday indicated? If so, are his forces prepared to risk abandoning the capital to move east and take the fight to Russia in Luhansk and Donetsk? And what about those “security guarantees” he’s seeking from the U.S. and European powers as part of a peace deal? He doesn’t really think we’re going to give him a mutual defense pact, does he?

Hillary Clinton is also booked this morning for … reasons. She’ll speak with “Meet the Press” about her 2016 campaign having just paid $113,000 to the FEC to settle a complaint after it misreported its spending on the Steele dossier. She’ll also comment on finishing second with 15 percent behind Kamala Harris in a new Biden-less poll of the 2024 Democratic primary. And she’ll spend some time ripping on Trump, as she always does in her interviews, probably for egging on Russia to share any dirt it has on Hunter Biden. She may have something to say about Russia and Ukraine too, being a former secretary of state and all.

Speaking of which, the guy who currently holds that job is also scheduled. Tony Blinken will chat about Ukraine with “State of the Union,” where he’ll be followed by NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg. They’ll be pressed on whether the U.S. and NATO are prepared to supply the Ukrainians with offensive weapons like tanks and artillery as the theater of battle moves to the disputed territories in the east.

Finally, Biden’s “prime minister,” Ron Klain, is set for “This Week” to discuss the war, the White House’s plans to curb inflation, and the increasingly real prospect of Democrats getting obliterated in November. The full line-up is at the LA Times.

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