Sunday morning talking heads

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Another Sunday of war in Ukraine brings us another Sunday morning of Biden’s national security team on television. The lead guest: National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, who’ll update Americans on the state of play on the battlefield and elaborate on how far the U.S. is willing to escalate. Will the White House reconsider its refusal to send MiG-29s to Ukraine? What “severe price” will Russia pay, precisely, if it uses chemical weapons? How long realistically can Ukraine hold out before Russia gets its act together and pounds Kiev? Sullivan will chat with “Face the Nation” and “State of the Union.”

Two Ukrainian politicians from different parts of the country are also booked to share what they’re seeing in their backyards. The mayor of Kiev (and former world heavyweight champion) Vitaly Klitschko is set for “State of the Union” to discuss his city’s preparations to resist what looks to be a looming Russian attack. Klitschko is surely aware of the suffering in Mariupol, which has been strangled by Russia’s siege. How long can Kiev hold out if all routes in are blocked? Expect him to use his face time with an American audience to call for a humanitarian airlift of supplies into the city once it’s cut off.

Finally, the governor of Lviv province, Maksym Kozytskyy, will talk to “This Week” about his own city’s preparations for war — if it ever arrives. Lviv is located in far western Ukraine, not far from the Polish border, and may be out of reach for Russia’s military given the difficulties they’re having in the north and east. As such, it’s been named as a possible base for the Ukrainian government if Zelensky and his deputies are ultimately forced to flee Kiev. If eastern Ukraine does eventually fall to Russia, Lviv will likely be a key transit point of weapons for the insurgency that inevitably erupts there. Kozytskyy will offer his outlook on what’s ahead. The full line-up is at the AP.