Candace Owens: I wouldn't get the vaccine even if I was on my deathbed and they told me it could save me

Candace Owens: I wouldn't get the vaccine even if I was on my deathbed and they told me it could save me

It’s easy to own the libs in life. But how many of you are willing to own them in death?

There’d be no greater F-you to the dystopian Faucian bio-surveillance state than to have a doctor offer you a treatment that would bring you back from the brink of death and to swat it out of his hand. Imagine the look of shock and confusion on his dumb liberal face before your eyes flutter and you flatline.

The good news is that Owens doesn’t need to worry about the hypothetical she imagines since no doctor would offer someone a vaccine after they’ve caught COVID. The point of vaccination is to generate an immune response before a person is infected in order to prevent severe illness, although I wonder how much of the public grasps that. Members of my extended family have asked me whether the unvaccinated couldn’t just get the shot once they land in the ER as a treatment. Doctors have reported some deathly ill COVID patients begging them for the vaccine belatedly, only to have to tell them it wouldn’t do any good at that point. The patient would have already developed antibodies from infection by that point, the same thing vaccination is designed to do. It’s just that they ended up doing it the hard way.

The bad news is that, although we have effective therapeutics for COVID now that can save people once they’ve been infected, the unvaccinated are less likely to try those as well. Would Owens be willing to take a course of Pfizer’s new pill if she caught Omicron or would she stick to the ol’ colloidal silver to see her through? Does Paxlovid also bear the mark of the beast or is it just the vaccine?

Stories about anti-vaxxers who change their minds after a rough bout with COVID are a dime a dozen at this stage of the pandemic but here’s the latest one via Newsweek:

“I had not been jabbed. I was proper against it back then,” Ali told MEN. “For me, it was all because it was new. It was a new vaccine and I was hearing a lot of conspiracy theories.

“At the time my husband was also really against it. I did not think twice about not having a jab. Then I got [COVID-19] really, really bad.”

Ali said the disease left her bed-bound for three weeks and she didn’t leave home for a whole month…

After recovering from the virus, Ali got both her shots. The 31-year-old later tested positive again for COVID-19 just before Christmas amid a huge surge in cases in the U.K. But she said she felt “normal and fine” the second time around, which she put down to the effect of the vaccines.

What’s nice about Owens’s spiel is how candid she is in framing her outlook on vaccine resistance as political. It’s plainly insane to refuse a treatment that might work if you’re near death and having nothing to lose since infertility or whatever other baroque side effect anti-vaxxers are alleging wouldn’t matter at that point. You’d try anything to stay alive — unless not having to admit that you were wrong was more important to you than actual survival. Better to die than be owned by the libs by letting them tempt you into accepting “their” vaccine.

It takes a particular type to commit to a position as irrational as that but there are plenty around. Including some who put their money where their mouths are:

Imagine being so overloaded with propaganda that you’d choose pneumonia and hospitalization over vaccination while you’re lying in a hospital bed. Consider that today’s reminder that Donald Trump is now a voice of reason by the standards of cultural populism.

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